Operation: Make Life Better

MISSION- “Cold Ice…Warm Feet”

The “Cold Ice…Warm Feet” project is just one mission of many in the 2015/16 version of OPERATION: MAKE LIFE BETTER. It’s a challenge to all of our players, friends, fans, supporters, families and staff to make a positive impact on people around you. Our “Cold Ice…Warm Feet” project is aimed towards raising funds in a variety of ways to purchase socks for the local homeless shelter. The plan is to document our journey and share with you how your particular donations of both money and socks combined with our time, organizational skills and effort helped make life better for those around us whom we don’t even know. Make an impact. Make life better.

This particular mission was thought up and created by Captains Hunter Laslo, and Luke Bennett with Coach Ryan Frew during a “Captains Breakfast” earlier this fall. They decided that they wanted to do something meaningful for the community, but something that past teams had not done. The Captains wanted to leave their own footprint if you will, and make their own impact. From that meeting they decided it was important that the New Hampshire Junior Monarchs from the Premier Division of the Eastern Hockey League should work towards bringing new, warm, dry, clean socks to the homeless and less fortunate people of Manchester and our local community. The trio worked together to design the program, implement ways to fund raise and purchase the socks that are so desperately in need at the local shelter. Later this month they will deliver the socks to the front lines and to those in need. Make Life Better

Socks are among the most sought after items at homeless shelters, yet among the least-often donated. During New Hampshire winters our rinks get cold, but our streets get even colder. Our goal is to make life just a little warmer for a few friends that we just haven’t met yet.

Did you know that the homeless people across our country are constantly at risk for serious foot diseases and frost bite during the cold winter months? The next time you walk outside into the frigid air of the fall season, stop for 30 seconds take your shoes and socks off…then imagine how cold you would be once we hit below freezing temperatures. Pause for just a second and allow that feeling to sink in. That’s called impact. The next step is do do something about it. Well, we are. Join us by supporting “Cold Ice…Warm Feet”.